Want to chip your car without changing the software of the ECU?

Want it removable in minutes without leaving a trace?

Want to change the performance settings as you drive?

Arachnid® Bluetooth® Performance Packs from Spider® give you all this..and more!

Plug and play technology, invisible to the dealer. Increase your performance on the fly by up to 30%.

For years Spider® has been developing the ultimate in chiptuning technology, now the restrictions of the car manfacturer are gone!

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The Arachnid® Performance Pack


    Performance gains of up to 30%

    Plug and Play installation with OE harness

    Touch Screen and Smartphone/Tablet adjustment

    Invisible to the Dealer - Leaves no traces

    Removable and Transferable to your next car


    Up to 6 channel adaptation with Pulse Width Modulation

    64MHz Chipset speed with Flash Memory

    On board 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® module

    Updateable over the web and upload by Bluetooth®

    Packed with software and features


    Adjustable cold start delay for perfect cold starts

    Voltage and polarity protection for safe installation

    Anti engine light software for trouble free chiptuning

    Onboard ambient air temperature sensor for perfect map management

    Auto shut down and fault notification


    Comes complete with original equipment connection harness

    Full colour engine specific installation manual

    Fully qualified support from the manufacturer

    Simple plug and play system, remove anytime

    Can be removed for service and reinstalled


  • Onboard Temperature sensor Our air temperature sensor monitors the temperature of the engine bay on every first start. This information is used by the firmware to select the correct map settings for the air density.

    Why do we need this info? The higher the air temperature the less dense it is, so the warmer the air the less oxygen molecules it contains. Basic tuning devices use the same fuelling no matter how dense the air is, resulting in excess emissions, soot and bad performance. Our tuning file will be adjusted to suit the air density, and give perfect tuning.
  • iMode™ and Touch screen adjustment Some tuning devices boast jumper pin adjustment and some even dials, but no system in the world boasts Touch Pad and Smartphone adjustment!

    Adjusting the performance of the Arachnid® Performance Pack could not be easier, simply use the Touch Pad controller on the unit directly, or by the supplied dash mounted touch screen, or using an Android based Smartphone or Tablet, you can adjust the unit on the fly! Simply enter iMode™ and feel the difference between stock power and full tuning in an instant. You can also adjust settings such as the warm up timer (the amount of time the engine is standard power when first started) or even the boost level.
  • HIGHLY COMPATIBLE The Arachnid® Performance Packs are suitable for all types of transmissions including DSG, tiptronic, Multitronic, 4Matic etc. They are also suitable for all particulate filters including add blue systems.

    Further, where one would normally need to return their tuning system to be reprogrammed for a new car, the Performance Pack is already preloaded with all our software versions. This means should you change your car, simply connect through iMode™ and select the relevant firmware (as advised by Spider®) and install.
    Job done.
  • BEST IN SHOW Having a great product is no fun if you don't know how to use it. By trusting Spider® with your investment, in return you get a service and support you simply won't get anywhere else.

    Most tuning systems in the UK are sold by people who do not manufacture them, and in some cases do not even understand how they work. Here, you can be secure that the advice you get comes straight from the product manufacturer, hence the support and advice will be professional and exact.

    Spider® - The best or nothing


Increase your performance straight from the driving seat with the Spider® iMode™ system. iMode™ allows changes to the performance levels and driving mode without even having to stop the engine! Increase torque, lower the power band, up the boost, return to stock power, the limitations of the manufacturer are now removed!