Spider diesel performance tuning

Spider® - Advanced design now allows a plug in tuning system so advanced, it can actually mould to your driving style.

The Spider® diesel performance system is the latest phase in diesel tuning technology. No other system on the market is as unique as the Spider®. Superb electronic cased in a newly designed high impact enclosure, complete with original equipment connection harness with features the competition can only imagine. The Spider® is the only plug in tuning system in the world which uses Adaptivscan™ mapping software to constantly change its infinitley variable fuel mapping™ to suit the current application. At a computation rate of 40,000 per second, the Spider® can compute and adjust its fuel mapping to a level so precise, and can deliver performance at a level of quality so high, it can compete with "live mapping" whilst remaining removable and transferable to your next car. Installation of the system is performed using an original equipment connection harness which simply plugs into existing connectors on your cars loom. The Spider® is then stored within the engine bay of the vehicle, but can be removed for servicing and warranty issues which instantly reverts the car back to standard without leaving a trace.

  • Adaptiv-SCAN™ Fuel Delivery Software
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Automatic Voltage Control
  • Automotive Quality Components
  • Cold Start Delay
  • Customer Adjustability
  • DPF and FAP compatible
  • Driver Characteristic Monitoring™ (New)
  • Engine and Drivetrain Warranty Included
  • Infinitely Variable Fuel Mapping™ (New)
  • LED Function Display
  • Robotic Made Circuitry
  • Rpm & Load Detection
  • Sports mode
  • Chip Exchange™ For easy transfer between cars (New)
  • VSPP™ (Voltage Spike & Polarity Protection)


The Spider performance upgrade in its foam lined presentation case.


  1. Spider presentation case
  2. Spider tuning electronic
  3. Spider OE connection harness
  4. Engine specific installation brochure
  5. Engine specific colour photo guide
  6. Map adjustment instructions
  7. Trouble shooting guide
  8. Fixing kit
  9. 5 Year warranty

Spider® - Adaptiv-SCAN™ Fuel Delivery Software.

Here at Spider® we are very proud of our AdaptivScan™ software.

Not only does it give you the most accurate adjustments to your car's fuelling, but it also has the unique abilty to adapt to suit how you drive your car, constantly. AIl the time the Spider® is installed, it is monitoring and adjusting to suit how you are driving at a rate of 40,000 times per second. So where ordinary "tuning boxes" increase fuelling on a percentage value, the Spider® will increase the fuelling only when it is demanded and at a rate which is dependent on how you are driving. So, no black smoke bellowing from the rear of your car like the "tuning box", just clean, crisp and precise performance tuning.

If you like to drive your car hard, then you will not have to wait for the Spider® to adjust, Power on demand™ will kick in maximum power within 0.1 seconds. Monitoring the load value of the car's engine allows the Spider® to know exactly when you want max Power.

Spider® - Automatic Calibration.

Automatic Calibration is a programming feature of the Spider®.

On first installation, the engine is started and left on idle for 60 seconds. During this time the Spider® will monitor and automatically calibrate itself to suit your individual engine for a complete custom installation. This means that the unit is now programmed for your car alone. The calibration procedure only has to be done the very first time you fit to your car. You can then remove the Spider® and refit it without the need to perform the procedure again.

Should you transfer the unit to your next car, the Spider® will automatically perform the calibration procedure again.

Spider® - Automatic Voltage Control.

Automatic Voltage Control is a safety feature of the Spider®.

Automatic Voltage ControI is a feature which allows the Spider® to detect the current voltage being applied through the main input feed line of the connection harness. This heIps to protect the Spider® and your car should you accidentally install any of the connectors incorrectly.

Spider® - Automotive quality components.

All components used in the manufacture of the Spider® electronic control unit and connection harness are specially selected to be suitable for use in the automotive sector. Our connection harness is manufactured using automotive specification wiring and protection conduit, and original equipment sealed connectors identical to the ones used on your car.

Spider® - Cold Start Delay.

Cold Start Delay is an efficiency function of the Spider®.

Cold start delay is employed to prevent the usual cold start problems associated with ordinary "tuning boxes".

When the car is first started from cold, the Spider® will be in standby mode for up to 3 minutes. This helps prevent rough idle when cold, and also prevents excessive soot from the exhaust system building up in the DPF when the car is first started. After the initial delay, the Spider® will operate as normal.

Spider® - Adjustability.

Adjustability of the Spider® is available to alter the performance setting and also the RPM setting of the system.

By means of internal selector dials, customers can overide the standard settings and can adjust the characteristics of the Spider® to suit their individual preference and also to cater for further modifications such as sports exhaust systems, larger intercoolers and air induction kits. Adjustment may also be necessary for engines which have been "De-Catted".

Spider® - Suitablity for the latest Diesel Particulate Filters.

Many of the latest diesel vehicles are now being fitted with DPFs as standard. The role of the DPF is to remove harmful exhaust particulates (soot) from the exhaust gases which is why newer diese cars have a much cleaner exhaust gas than that of older diesels. When the DPF is loaded, it will run what is calIed a regeneration cycle which is a way to "burn off" the collected soot, by heating the exhaust gases. This can be done by the engine management system, or a fuel catalyst, or even microwave technology.

The Spider® does not usually interfere with the regeneration cycle, nor does it cause the engine to produce more particulates. It is compatible with all the latest DPFs and Euro emission levels.

Spider® - Driver Characteristic Monitoring™.

Every driver has a style and this style will determine how the Spider® behaves.

One of functions of the software is to monitor over time the particular driving style of the driver to allow changes to the fuel delivery software. What this means is that not only can the Spider® adapt to suit your engine, it can also adapt to suit your particular driving style.

Spider® - Engine and Drivetrain Warranty.

Our commitment to our customers is a valued asset of our Company and this is also reflected in our aftersales service. Part of this aftersales service includes our engine and drivetrain warranty and we were the first UK Company to offer this additional cover. This warranty is in addition to our product warranty and is provided with every Spider® unit (UK only).

Protection is for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Commercial vehicles are excluded.

Full terms and conditions are available on request.

Spider® - Infinitely Variable Fuel Mapping™.

No need to have multiple fuel maps & no need to swap jumpers or switches to change parameters,
all you need is one fuel map which is infinitely variable which does it for you.
Infinitely variable fuel mapping™ is the newest and most exciting feature of the Spider®.
Using inputs from the injection signals, the fuel delivery can be altered by the Adaptivscan™ software
to suit the current load values and engine speed.
Constantly scanning and adjusting, the power delivery is smooth and linear.

Spider® - LED Function Display

The Spider® is equipped with a multi-function LED display
This allows correct operation confirmation, error code display, calibration confirmation as well as active power display.

Spider® - Robotic Made Circuitry

Quality is something you will always associate with our Company and tuning systems. Ever since we started to develop the Spider®, we have only ever used the very best production methods and materials. This does increase the cost but we believe in perfection, not compromise.

The Spider® is manufactured using the very latest pick and place robot controlled equipment and surface mounted components.

This ensures the very best in quaIity and also many years of reliability.

Spider® - Rpm and Load Detection

Making the right decisions is made much easier, the more knowledge you have.
Consequently, the more information we can feed to the Spider®, the more precise and accurately it can alter your engines fuel delivery.
For this reason we have given the Spider® the ability to detect the current load value of the engine as weIl as the ability to measure the engines current Rpm. Most other competitors "tuning box" simply boosts fuel pressure as a percentage value with no way of knowing your acceleration rate of engine speed. This can cause rough engine idle and much more soot on heavy acceleration as well as a reduce lifespan of your engines Catalytic convertor and DPF.

Spider® - Sports Mode

Sports Mode is a functionality feature.

Engages "Sport" mode within 0.1 sec dependent on your driving style. Our sports maximum parameters and standard driving maximum parameters differ considerably. This feature is used to heIp boost torque on demand yet is totally transition free on the road.

VSPP™ (Voltage Spike and Polarity Protection).

VSPP™ is a safety feature of the Spider®.

VSPP™ gives protection from voltage spikes and surges from the cars electrical system.
It also gives some protection from static charge familiar with motor vehicles. VSPP™ also gives Polarity protection should the tuning system accidentally be connected incorrectly.


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